Want to lend a paw? Feel like contributing and growing the convention to its best possible state? We’d love to have you on board!

Never done anything like this before? No worries, any help we get is very useful and we’ll make sure to give you the proper training if you’d need it! You can apply as a volunteer at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

GoldenHorn organizers

Are you a SHEEP?

Also known as Support, Help & Everything Else People are all those volunteers that help is with the smaller tasks, such as preparing the event rooms, refill fursuit lounge supplies or keep an eye on attendees as part of the security team.

Open positions

  • Medics
    Medics ensure that everyone at the convention stays healthy. To apply, you’ll need to be a certified medic or first responder (or similar).
  • Security
    Security members are in charge of attendee well-being while the convention is happening.
  • Theming & Art
    Members of this team are responsible for making the convention areas nicely decorated and for creating or finding appropriate art fitting with the theme of the convention.
  • Logistics
    The logistics department makes sure everything gets to the convention on time, as well as helping with some heavy lifting around the event space and making sure everything gets safely stored for the next convention.
  • Events
    The events team makes sure that attendees have something to do throughout the day. Whether it is hosting our own events or helping out attendees host theirs, we’re tasked with making sure that the event rooms are ready for action and keep things on schedule!

We’ll be very happy to have you on board and with time your beard will grow strong and you may even become a GOAT. Speaking of…

Are you a GOAT?

That’s what we like to call our General Operations & Assistance Team which have a little bit more responsibility in running the convention, such as team leads. If you have a bit more experience in running an event then you may be the perfect fit for this! While we don’t have any positions for this posted, please still reach out to us if you believe you could help us out as a GOAT!

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