Who are we?

We’re glad you asked! GoldenHorn is an annual furry convention taking place in Slovenia and organised by SloFurs. The first iteration of the convention was held in Ajdovščina and welcomed 81 furries from Slovenia and abroad. We’ve also refreshed our convention logo from the first text-based one for the forseeable future.
Did you know we’re also on WikiFur?

SloFurs you say?

SloFurs is a registered non-profit association in Slovenia that organizes the convention as well as many smaller events and meets throughout the year (roughly 3-5 events each year). The regional group formed online all the way back in the late 2000’s with the first meets taking place in 2010. We’ve steadily grown in event size from around 10 attendees up to 81 in 2023 and who knows what the future brings? You can read more about us on WikiFur as well!

SloFurs logo

Our mascot(s)

There are two mascots that can be associated with us – Goldy, the convention mascot (you can find his reference sheets here); as well as the black Carantanian panther, the SloFurs mascot (some art as references can be found on Furaffinity here).